Health Insurance


Health Insurance

Health insurance is an essential buy in the present times of ever-soaring medical expenses. A fair number of millennial are aware of the benefits of health insurance. However, a large portion still considers it the ultimate instrument for tax saving only. Mostly, young employees take health insurance to be exempted from the tax slab. But, believe us it is extremely essential hence correspondingly a more intricate product that comes with enormous riders and health benefits.

Though your employer covers you with group health insurance, it is insufficient to meet today’s requirements. We tend not to buy a separate plan considering the facilities one gets without paying anything and continue with the group health plan. But, what if you leave the organization? Bear in mind that once you leave the organization, you’re no longer a part of this health plan. Here’s why you always need a separate health insurance that covers you and your family.

Why You Need a Health Insurance Plan?

  • Protects and prepares you to face any unplanned medical expenses.
  • Bears the high-cost medical expenses on your behalf
  • The premiums of health insurance plans are comparatively less.
  • Best health insurance policy in India always provides coverage for medical expenses in an extensive manner.
  • The claim process is simple and hassle-free with most of the insurers.
  • Less chances of your claim being rejected with a trusted insurer.

Remember When you Buy Health Insurance.

  • Choose the Coverage Amount Smartly
  • Family Floater Heal Plan is a Good Option
  • Choose the Sum Insured Precisely
  • Plan with Minimum Waiting Period for Pre-existing Illness
  • Maximum Age-renewal
  • Insurer with High Claim-settlement Ratio
  • Go For the Plans with Sub-limits
  • Consider Network Hospital
  • Don’t Forget to Compare Premium
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